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American Tech Report

Be part of digital transformation with investment in tech stocks and emerging technologies. Remote working, digital healthcare, and online learning leaped during the pandemic. Stocks in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Internet of Things are trending well.

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The technology sector comprise of businesses revolving around the manufacturing of electronics, software, computers, and services relating to information technology. The performance of technology stocks can be gauged by comparing the performance of broader indices.. Growth in the tech space was led by growing demand for cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), wearables, AR/VR headsets, drones, self-driving cars and the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, the rise of 5G platform might be the next growth driver for these companies.

Following are the three main industry’s themes: 

  • Digital Transformation: The American technology industry is likely to accelerate in the coming days, thanks to the rising culture of remote work led by the COVID-19-induced work-from-home wave. In this era of digital transformation, companies are pursuing a common ground between on-premise and cloud infrastructures that might deliver adaptable and flexible hybrid solutions. Particularly, coronavirus-sparked demand for remote working, online learning solutions and digital healthcare are rushing the adoption of digital transformation offerings.
  • Emerging Technologies: A major chunk of companies in the tech-driven world is transforming their traditional legacy-oriented business processes to keep themselves efficient and informed. The aim is to incorporate synergies of emerging technologies, including cloud, IoT, AI and big data analytics. Furthermore, rising Internet penetration in emerging markets might act as a tailwind.
  • Higher Investments & Cyber Threats: Higher investments in big data and analytics and ongoing adoption of SaaS might bring ongoing prospects for industry participants. The increasing demand to secure cloud platforms, amid rising cyber-attacks and hacking, pushes need for cyber security software. Additionally, enterprises are rapidly migrating to cloud and DevOps technologies to attain scalability and responsiveness for software development along with IT operations. This, in turn, may aid companies in offering enhanced digital experiences to clients. 

Outlook for American Technology Looks Bright

The technology sector appears to be moving at a favorable pace, following a recovery in the chip market, among other factors. It is to be noted that the ongoing adoption of cloud computing solutions, driven by the growing use of AI and ML technologies, is the key positive factor. In addition, constant improvement in electronic devices and chief breakthrough enhancements might lead to continuing adoption of wearables and smart-connectivity solutions, containing smart speakers and virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) devices.

Moreover, technical progress in the telecommunication sector on enhanced implementation of 5G technology and increasing attempts in the direction of modification in Internet infrastructure may act as tailwinds. In 2021, Blockchain technology shined out of the shadows of crypto currency just like bitcoin. Further, the quantum computing market may also be propelled by the increasing demand for model ability boost and simulation of complicated data.

The American Technology Report aims to cover stocks with growing fundamentals and an attractive business model to support their growth stories. The companies in technology space offer growth opportunities from a medium to long-term perspective.

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American Tech Report

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