WBCPI 99.94 -0.01% BHP 42.43 -0.8181% CBA 126.8 -0.6892% RIO 118.99 -1.0478% CSL 292.01 -0.3379% NAB 35.96 -0.6904% WBC 27.15 -0.3304% ANZ 28.65 -1.0021% WBCPL 104.45 0.4327% WES 65.3 -2.3186% MQG 199.27 0.1206% NEM 63.19 -2.3036% GMG 35.18 -1.9509% FMG 21.26 -2.0728% SQ2 94.8 0.0633% WDS 26.97 -1.9985% RMD 27.74 -13.204% TLS 3.62 -1.0929% WOW 33.43 -0.5947% TCL 12.68 1.0359%

kalGOLD® (Kalkine Gold Report)

Gold as an asset class is preferred, particularly during market chaos, and it provides an ability to hedge for systematic and non-systematic risks. The report covers gold mining companies in Australia after considering fundamental aspects and technical parameters.

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Ways of Investing: 

The route to gold marks a different way of parking the capital such as jewellery, direct investment, Gold Stocks, etc. However, the question is that which way is to be considered the most effective one? The investment in gold in the form of jewellery gives an investor direct possession of gold; however, for this purpose, the jewellery making charges along with relative taxes substantially absorb any potential gains from the price appreciation. The direct investment in gold also involves taking a position in the future contracts, which allows investors to take advantage of the gold appreciation; however, future contracts carry leverage, which could magnify the extent of profit and loss, and give investors a bumpy ride. On the other hand, investing in gold stocks offer some advantages as it allows an investor to take benefits of the movement in the gold price; and apart from that, it enables an investor to hold the equity rights in a gold mining company.

Performance of Gold Stocks

Kalkine presents a Research Report on GOLD stocks to cater to the requirements for diversification during market turmoil. The stock(s) identified and provided in the report follows an industry/ peer comparison analysis, relative valuation analysis or other relevant evaluation. The report touches upon an insight into gold operations, peer comparisons and various financial metrics and valuation ratios, such as EV/ EBITDA and Price/ Cash Flows, to provide clients with a holistic picture of gold stocks that might have a growth potential.

This Precious Yellow Metal-based report may help in taking informed decisions by looking at demand and supply trends, new developments, macro and micro-events, industry-wide and company-wide scenarios, and stock evaluation based on fundamental and technical aspects.

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kalGOLD® (Kalkine Gold Report)

NZD$ 1,099/Year