WBCPI 99.94 -0.01% BHP 42.43 -0.8181% CBA 126.8 -0.6892% RIO 118.99 -1.0478% CSL 292.01 -0.3379% NAB 35.96 -0.6904% WBC 27.15 -0.3304% ANZ 28.65 -1.0021% WBCPL 104.45 0.4327% WES 65.3 -2.3186% MQG 199.27 0.1206% NEM 63.19 -2.3036% GMG 35.18 -1.9509% FMG 21.26 -2.0728% SQ2 94.8 0.0633% WDS 26.97 -1.9985% RMD 27.74 -13.204% TLS 3.62 -1.0929% WOW 33.43 -0.5947% TCL 12.68 1.0359%


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Our reports provides general insights on stocks across market capitalizations covering broad spectrum of industries. We provide exclusive coverage of stocks in our main reports with deep dives on company performance, strategy, outlook, risks, valuations, fundamental drivers, recommendations, and technical analysis covered as general insights for an investor. We also provide investors a flavor on sectors based on trending themes and macroeconomic updates in our sector report, and market events report identifying emerging opportunities.

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Kalkine plus package is a customized package offering multiple products selected by the customers from a range of subscription products released on the website. The customized offer provides flexibility to the customers to make their own package for the bundle of products selected based on their own choice and get some discounts. You get in-depth research backed by fundamental checks and technical Prowess from Industry Experts and all you need to do is choose from a suite of products as per your Investment Style.

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We look for market opportunities from value, growth, momentum perspectives, or follow a hybrid approach to identify stocks that may have the potential to perform based on an in-depth fundamental and or technical analysis. We also analyse trending market themes to evaluate opportunity areas. Companies with long term growth prospects are our targets along with prospects that have currently being obscured by macro-economic factors or industry factors.

Kalkine’s Data Science driven research aids in providing better insights for customers for further due diligence, reinforcing the ‘Do-it-Yourself’ model for many. Our Web platform and Mobile Application have been developed using breakthrough technologies with flavor from in-house technologies and tools that provide better user experience. Our aim is to provide a seamless user experience to our customers with world-class services to help them have better and evolved investment decisions. Kalkine’s Research Products are based on extensive data mining and analytics; and the future roadmap finds solid foundation through Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and cognitive automation efforts being developed for extensive mining and analytical facets. Al based Decision Engines and Robo Advisors are believed to form a part of our technology roadmap.

At Kalkine, we move beyond the traditional boundaries of the stock selection process. Our stock-picking approach has evolved over the years considering both external and internal factors. We keep a close watch on the key macro-economic indicators that may impact the market sentiments including inflation, interest rate, socio-political environment, GDP growth rate, etc. Typically, we follow a distinctive framework to conduct the fundamental company-specific research. Our rich understanding of the industry dynamics and the evolving businesses per se strikes the right chord with prudent investors. We rely on our prowess to conduct both fundamental as well as technical analysis before providing any stock recommendation. At Kalkine, we take a holistic view to help investors undertake insightful investment decisions post requisite in-depth due diligence at their end. Our recommendations are of generic nature and do not take into account your investment objectives, financial situations or needs. They have been classified into the following categories: • Buy • Speculative Buy • Hold • Sell • Expensive • Avoid • Watch

As a part of membership to “KALKINE” Reports, we provide subscribers the ability to call and speak to their customer support team in regards with any questions that they may have about the reports between 9:30 AM – 18:30 PM Monday to Friday. The information given by “KALKINE” and provided on this website is general information only and it does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or needs. In summary, “KALKINE” is happy to answer calls regarding our published material, however, due to strict compliance requirements, we simply cannot answer questions related to your personal financial circumstances.

Kalkine do not offer brokerage services. Yes Kalkine gives stock recommendation with a Target Price as a general advice only. Besides, it provides general advice and insights on listed equities, derivatives, commodities, bullion, and cryptocurrency.

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