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Beware of Fraud and Scams!

With the growing advent of technology, a lot of consumers are reaping the benefits of using technology enabled services. However, recent warnings by regulators across the world, including by the FMA (read here), remind us that online fraud and scams are an ongoing concern.

We at Kalkine take security of client information seriously and ask that you also be vigilant with your personal information in order to prevent fraud.

Here are a few ways to keep yourself and your information safe:

Be wary of unexpected emails, phone calls or messages that ask you to disclose information:

Scammers across the world are sending emails, messages and calling individuals using the names of companies/regulators or someone that you know and trust. Under this false pretense, they try to gain access to your personal information. You are strongly advised to exercise caution when you receive such correspondence or cold calls and be mindful of such scams.

DO NOT open any suspicious email based on the subject or sender or click on URLs from unknown and untrusted sources.

DO NOT answer any suspicious call. If you do answer a call that turns out to be suspicious, hang up immediately and don’t give out any information. If it is a legitimate telemarketing call, they will call back or leave a voicemail.

DO NOT send personal/sensitive information via email—e.g., passwords, credit card number etc.

Ensure you keep Kalkine’s contact details handy:

Keep your Kalkine account manager’s and customer support team’s number and email address handy. DO report any suspicious correspondence, calls, emails — even if you're not sure — to your account manager or our customer support team.

Ensure your contact details are up to date:

Keep your contact details up to date so that we can easily contact you if your account is compromised. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or call 09-888-4302 or 09-222-1233.