WBCPI 99.94 -0.01% BHP 42.43 -0.8181% CBA 126.8 -0.6892% RIO 118.99 -1.0478% CSL 292.01 -0.3379% NAB 35.96 -0.6904% WBC 27.15 -0.3304% ANZ 28.65 -1.0021% WBCPL 104.45 0.4327% WES 65.3 -2.3186% MQG 199.27 0.1206% NEM 63.19 -2.3036% GMG 35.18 -1.9509% FMG 21.26 -2.0728% SQ2 94.8 0.0633% WDS 26.97 -1.9985% RMD 27.74 -13.204% TLS 3.62 -1.0929% WOW 33.43 -0.5947% TCL 12.68 1.0359%

National Australia Bank Ltd

Financial Services AU NAB


Last update at 2024-06-24T06:10:00Z

Day Range


52 Week Range



  • Previous Close 36.21
  • Market Cap111977.28M
  • Volume3284098
  • P/E Ratio16.45
  • Dividend Yield4.64%
  • Revenue TTM19467.00M
  • Revenue Per Share TTM6.24
  • Gross Profit TTM 18446.00M
  • Diluted EPS TTM2.20


Income Statement


Change in Cash

Total Operating Cash

Dividends Paid

Breakdown 2023-09-30 2022-09-30 2021-09-30 2020-09-30 2019-09-30
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2023-09-30 2022-09-30 2021-09-30 2020-09-30 2019-09-30
Income before tax 10450.00M 9744.00M 9068.00M 5163.00M 7177.00M
Minority interest -5.00000M 0.00000M -3.00000M 1.00M 8.00M
Net income 7414.00M 6891.00M 6364.00M 3498.00M 4798.00M
Selling general administrative 2269.00M 2227.00M 1884.00M 2225.00M 2629.00M
Selling and marketing expenses 220.00M 187.00M 160.00M 162.00M 200.00M
Gross profit 20630.00M 18329.00M 16682.00M 17213.00M 17391.00M
Reconciled depreciation 1214.00M 1112.00M 1045.00M 2039.00M 1412.00M
Ebit 10394.00M 17113.00M 8961.00M 4224.00M 6885.00M
Ebitda 11608.00M 18225.00M 10006.00M 6129.00M 8297.00M
Depreciation and amortization 1214.00M 1112.00M 1045.00M 1905.00M 1412.00M
Non operating income net other - - - - -
Operating income 10394.00M 17113.00M 8961.00M 4224.00M 6885.00M
Other operating expenses 9351.00M 8648.00M 7800.00M 8939.00M 9268.00M
Interest expense 31265.00M 7538.00M 4241.00M 9234.00M 15645.00M
Tax provision 2980.00M 2684.00M 2597.00M 1665.00M 2440.00M
Interest income 48072.00M 22378.00M 18034.00M 20921.00M 29203.00M
Net interest income 16807.00M 14840.00M 13793.00M 13877.00M 13555.00M
Extraordinary items -51.00000M -169.00000M -104.00000M -935.00000M -1104.00000M
Non recurring - - - - -
Other items - - - - -
Income tax expense 2980.00M 2684.00M 2597.00M 1665.00M 2087.00M
Total revenue 20630.00M 18329.00M 16682.00M 17213.00M 17391.00M
Total operating expenses 9351.00M 8648.00M 7800.00M 8939.00M 9268.00M
Cost of revenue - - - - -
Total other income expense net 56.00M -7369.00000M 107.00M 939.00M 292.00M
Discontinued operations - -169.00000M -104.00000M -935.00000M -1104.00000M
Net income from continuing ops 7470.00M 7060.00M 6471.00M 3498.00M 5090.00M
Net income applicable to common shares 7414.00M 6891.00M 6351.00M 2520.00M 4715.00M
Preferred stock and other adjustments - - - - -
Breakdown 2023-09-30 2022-09-30 2021-09-30 2020-09-30 2019-09-30
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2023-09-30 2022-09-30 2021-09-30 2020-09-30 2019-09-30
Total assets 1059083.00M 1055126.00M 925968.00M 866565.00M 847124.00M
Intangible assets 4952.00M 4652.00M 4113.00M 3809.00M 2712.00M
Earning assets - - 177760.00M 210476.00M 208576.00M
Other current assets - 17125.00M 683583.00M 614907.00M 618041.00M
Total liab 997580.00M 996094.00M 863189.00M 805272.00M 791520.00M
Total stockholder equity 61154.00M 59032.00M 62779.00M 61292.00M 55596.00M
Deferred long term liab - - - - -
Other current liab -6394.00000M -1840.00000M -892.00000M -180752.00000M -181251.00000M
Common stock 38546.00M 39399.00M 43247.00M 43531.00M 36762.00M
Capital stock 38546.00M 39399.00M 43247.00M 45476.00M 38707.00M
Retained earnings 23800.00M 21472.00M 18982.00M 15717.00M 16583.00M
Other liab - 9353.00M 9149.00M 10491.00M 11315.00M
Good will 2070.00M 2089.00M 1964.00M 3809.00M 2864.00M
Other assets 797475.00M 753661.00M 683619.00M 553791.00M 569633.00M
Cash 120197.00M 144527.00M 109214.00M 116739.00M 87587.00M
Cash and equivalents - - - - -
Total current liabilities 6394.00M 1840.00M 892.00M 180752.00M 181251.00M
Current deferred revenue - - - - -
Net debt 76118.00M 45735.00M 60626.00M 15836.00M 62153.00M
Short term debt - - - 179469.00M 179034.00M
Short long term debt - - - 179469.00M 179034.00M
Short long term debt total 196315.00M 190262.00M 169840.00M 132575.00M 149740.00M
Other stockholder equity -1192.00000M -1839.00000M 550.00M 2044.00M 2251.00M
Property plant equipment 3016.00M 3009.00M 2814.00M 2374.00M 1117.00M
Total current assets 123073.00M 146690.00M 110604.00M 162695.00M 128727.00M
Long term investments 130567.00M 147114.00M 124818.00M 140066.00M 102363.00M
Net tangible assets - 54380.00M 58666.00M 57483.00M 50020.00M
Short term investments - - - 44215.00M 40554.00M
Net receivables 2876.00M 2163.00M 1390.00M 1741.00M 586.00M
Long term debt 194056.00M 188024.00M 167873.00M 176691.00M 205843.00M
Inventory - - - - -
Accounts payable 6394.00M 1840.00M 892.00M 1283.00M 2217.00M
Total permanent equity - - - - -
Noncontrolling interest in consolidated entity - - - - -
Temporary equity redeemable noncontrolling interests - - - - -
Accumulated other comprehensive income - - - 99.00M 306.00M
Additional paid in capital - - - - -
Common stock total equity - - - 45476.00M 38707.00M
Preferred stock total equity - - - - -
Retained earnings total equity - - - - -
Treasury stock - - - - -
Accumulated amortization - - - - -
Non currrent assets other -138535.00000M -154775.00000M -131745.00000M -150079.00000M -148764.00000M
Deferred long term asset charges - - - - -
Non current assets total 138535.00M 154775.00M 131745.00M 150079.00M 148764.00M
Capital lease obligations - - - - -
Long term debt total 196315.00M 190262.00M 169840.00M 178246.00M 205843.00M
Breakdown 2023-09-30 2022-09-30 2021-09-30 2020-09-30 2019-09-30
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2023-09-30 2022-09-30 2021-09-30 2020-09-30 2019-09-30
Investments -4210.00000M -4619.00000M -3373.00000M 197.00M 3702.00M
Change to liabilities - 505.00M 641.00M -1085.00000M -672.00000M
Total cashflows from investing activities -4210.00000M -8703.00000M -3694.00000M -702.00000M 2613.00M
Net borrowings - 14432.00M -16713.00000M -19401.00000M -2783.00000M
Total cash from financing activities 6976.00M 6009.00M -22045.00000M -16820.00000M -5771.00000M
Change to operating activities - -59209.00000M -75088.00000M 4552.00M -12516.00000M
Net income 7414.00M 6891.00M 6364.00M 2559.00M 4798.00M
Change in cash -21590.00000M 24298.00M -24160.00000M 15015.00M 9080.00M
Begin period cash flow 62179.00M 37881.00M 62041.00M 47026.00M 37946.00M
End period cash flow 40589.00M 62179.00M 37881.00M 62041.00M 47026.00M
Total cash from operating activities -26699.00000M 28221.00M 759.00M 33892.00M 10410.00M
Issuance of capital stock 336.00M - - 4904.00M 1000.00M
Depreciation - 1112.00M 1045.00M 2039.00M 1412.00M
Other cashflows from investing activities -3018.00000M -7626.00000M -2836.00000M 270.00M 3748.00M
Dividends paid 4339.00M 4006.00M 2682.00M 2323.00M 3266.00M
Change to inventory - - - - -
Change to account receivables - - - - -
Sale purchase of stock -1620.00000M -4417.00000M -650.00000M 4904.00M -722.00000M
Other cashflows from financing activities -328.00000M 43576.00M -2383.00000M 15772.00M 29017.00M
Change to netincome - 4166.00M -643.00000M 1226.00M -1987.00000M
Capital expenditures 1192.00M 1077.00M 858.00M 972.00M 1135.00M
Change receivables - - - - -
Cash flows other operating - - - - -
Exchange rate changes - - - - -
Cash and cash equivalents changes - - - - -
Change in working capital -42516.00000M 14888.00M -11013.00000M 23463.00M -818.00000M
Stock based compensation - - - - -
Other non cash items - 20218.00M 759.00M 33892.00M 10410.00M
Free cash flow -27891.00000M 27144.00M -99.00000M 32920.00M 9275.00M

Peer Comparison

Sector: Financial Services Industry: Banks - Diversified

Company Change (AUD) Price (AUD) Trailing PE (x) Forward PE (x) Price Sales TTM (x) Price to Book Value (x)
National Australia Bank Ltd
-0.25 0.69% 35.96 16.45 14.45 5.37 1.74
Westpac Banking Corporation
-0.01 0.01% 99.94 73.31 - 16.53 -
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
-0.88 0.69% 126.80 22.18 18.62 7.44 2.67
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Preferred
-0.66 0.64% 102.20 17.01 - - -
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Preferred
-0.021 0.02% 101.93 16.88 - - -

Reports Covered

Stock Research & News


National Australia Bank Limited provides financial services to individuals and businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. The company operates through Business and Private Banking; Personal Banking; Corporate and Institutional Banking; New Zealand Banking; and Corporate Functions and Other segments. It accepts transaction accounts, savings accounts, debit cards, and term deposits; and specialized accounts, such as foreign currency, business interest, cash maximiser, farm management, community free saver, statutory trust, and project bank accounts, as well as farm management deposits. In addition, the company provides home loans, personal loans, and business loans; vehicle and equipment finance; and trade and invoice finance, as well as business overdrafts and bank guarantees. Further, it offers insurance products consisting of home and content, landlord, travel, car, caravan and trailer, life, and business insurance products; and pension, self-managed super funds, cash management, and financial planning and advisory services. Additionally, the company provides investment products; credit, debit, and business cards; payments and merchant services; online and internet banking services; small business services; international and foreign exchange solutions; and industry specific banking services. The company was founded in 1834 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

National Australia Bank Ltd

395 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 3000

Key Executives

Name Title Year Born
Mr. Ross Maxwell McEwan B.B.S., CBE Group CEO, MD & Director 1957
Mr. Gary Andrew Lennon BEC, BEc (Hons), F.C.A., FCA Group Chief Financial Officer NA
Mr. Lesile D. Matheson Group Chief Operating Officer 1960
Mr. Patrick F. Wright Group Exec. of Technology & Enterprise Operations 1967
Ms. Sharon J. Cook Group Exec. of Legal & Commercial Services NA
Ms. Susan Ferrier Group Exec. of People & Culture NA
Ms. Angela Mentis B.Bus Group Chief Digital, Data & Analytics Officer NA
Mr. Shaun Dooley Group Chief Risk Officer NA
Mr. Daniel James Huggins MD & CEO of Bank of New Zealand NA
Mr. David Gall Group Exec. of Corp. of Institutional Banking NA

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